We are really happy you found us and your way to this site! For us, dancing is definitely the best hobby in the world. On this page we have collected some tips and info on how to get easily started on your dancing career. If any have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message! See you soon on the dance floors! 

What is partner dancing? 

Partner dancing is a general term for all dance styles where we dance with a partner and where we most of the time remain in a physical contact, mostly in a hand-hold.
All partner dances taught in Avec are purely based on leading & following, meaning it is improvised dancing and not a pre-practiced choreography (as it is for example in standard and latin ballroom dancing). This means that in a dance the leader is deciding and suggesting the rhythm and which moves and steps will be done next, and the follower will respond to a lead in a way she felt and received it. The music will be the source of inspiration for both of them to create something unique together on the dance floor. 

When the dance is based on leading & following, you are able to dance with any partner. You can read the more detailed dance style descriptions here, and check out some cool dance videos and find already some nice example songs on our Avec Spotify playlists. At Avec you can start with one or more dance styles and then just get excited about all the greatness and fun of partner dancing!




In every green level course the teaching starts from finding the rhythm, learning the basic steps and little by little, moving on to the basic partner moves. At Avec beginners courses you don’t need to have any previous dance experience as we are progressing without a rush and encouraging each other to develop at a pace that is good for your individual development.

We want to give you all the necessary tools for you to advance as much as possible. We know out of experience that the strong foundation is very important and crucial for the future development and that’s why the students taking their first dance steps always have a special place in our hearts. 

You can either take one course, take as many courses as your feet can take or just try it out by buying drop-in cards! Our best offer is our Beginner Season Pass, that lets you register to all the green level courses, and is even cheaper than buying two courses separately! 

With drop-in cards you can try out our courses in the beginning of the season, but remember that the courses might be full or we might not allow for more leaders or followers into the class, depending on the balance. With a course registration you can reserve a slot just for you!

  • You will meet new people and get to be part of a nice community of like-minded people.
  • Partner dancing is popular all over the world, and pretty much in all bigger cities there are places where you can connect and have fun with other dancers without necessarily even having a common language!
  • You will be learning a new skill and get to move a lot.
  • You can start whenever you want and keep on dancing your whole life – social dance is not age restricted!
  • No more boring evenings – just come and dance!
  • Dancing has plenty of health benefits, both physical and mental. Besides getting physical workout and improving your flexibility and balance, dancing has been proven to improve your mental health. Dancing e.g. build up your confidence, reduces the risk for mental illnesses such as depression, etc.
  • You get to meet some real life people instead of looking at profiles on internet!