We want you to have at least as much fun dancing as we do! 

"For Dancers by Dancers"

What comes out when you team up five crazy swing and afrolatin dance professionals, who have high-aiming dreams, quick feet and many worn-out dance shoes? Well, amazing ideas, creative craziness, laughter, sweat and tight teamwork, of course! And the end result is our new and unique Avec Dance Club.

We, the founders of Avec (Tuomas, Reetta, Matias, Omar & Johanna), met a long time ago on different dance floors and through teaching and performing at various events and camps. For a long time, each of us searched for the right place to call our dance home, so we could settle down and focus on our teaching and dancing. Similar situations, our mutual good vibes, humor, passion for dance and respect for each others work laid down the framework for our team, and so it was time to put Avec together!

We have each tried various dance styles, but partner dancing made its way into all of our hearts, and that is how we came up with the name of our school: At Avec, we practice and enjoy everything together! During the years, we have seen all sorts of dance places that have all given us ideas for the future. Now those ideas bear fruit, and we have had the opportunity to build just the kind of dance place we have always wanted to practice in ourselves!

For us, Avec is a place we would’ve wanted to have for our own dance journey already years ago. In fact, many ideas for Avec have risen exactly from our own wishes for training, imagining how we would have wanted and want to practice dancing and what kind of facilities make it possible. 

At Avec, various dance scenes meet in good spirits. As dance enthusiasts we are amazed by the amount of dances we got to bring under the same roof, but just as well we want to offer the choice of concentrating on the specific dance(s) that make you feel all warm and fuzzy! With us, you can try out new dances and have fun with a relaxed attitude, knowing that you are in the hands of Finland’s top-of-the-line teachers! At Avec, we practice with intent but not too seriously.

Avec Dance Club is made for dancers, by dancers, with a big heart. We welcome you to join, and hope you enjoy your journey with us!


  • Please arrive on time to the classes! The doors will open 20 minutes before the first class begins.
  • While waiting for your class or after your class has finished, please let others concentrate on their ongoing classes.
  • Choose courses that suit your level. If you are not sure, which courses would suit you the best, please don’t hesitate to contact us or the instructors!
  • In Avec classes, everybody changes partners. Our long experience with partner dancing has taught us that the best and fastest way to learn is by dancing with various partners! It also lets you get to know the other dancers, which makes dancing more fun.
  • Please refrain from using your mobile phones during the classes and switch them to silent mode.
  • Take care of your own valuables. Avec is not responsible for your personal items, so please take care of them.
  • The floor at our studio is a quality wooden dance floor, and you can’t use outdoor shoes or shoes with hard soles. You can either dance with just your socks or in indoor dance shoes.
  • Please don’t use strong perfumes, as the strong scent can prevent some people from joining the hobby.
  • Please don’t come to the classes while ill. While dancing, we are very close to each other and any illnesses can transfer via our hands very easily.
  • In every course, there are instructors who are there to help, support and guide you. Please leave the teaching to the instructors. However, positive and encouraging comments to your partners are always welcome!
  • Even if we practice intensively and with attitude, let’s do it with a positive mentality! Dancing is fun, so enjoy it to the fullest, and even high-fives to your fellow dancers every once in a while!

Remember, having fun is the most important!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

You can register alone, but with a partner you can make sure that neither of you won’t get stuck on any waiting lists!

In our classes, everyone changes parthers. Our long experience with partner dancing has taught us that the best and fastest way to learn is by dancing with various partners! It also lets you get to know the other dancers, which brings more joy to everybody.

With the 1x, 5x and 10x cards you can join whenever, if there is room and the leader/follower balance allows for it. By registering to our courses, you get the best prices and secure your slot!

With our drop-in cards you can join whenever! Please note, that the slots might be full and all of our courses are progressive. If you join mid-season, it’s good to realize that you might have to spend first couple of times catching up with the others!

Our year-long Dance Addict package is paid in monthly installments. Individual courses and Season Passes are paid in full in one go.

You don’t need any specific outfit for the classes, but we recommend clothes that allow you to move your body! Please note that our studio has a quality wooden dance floor, so you can’t wear outdoor shoes. You can dance either with your socks or indoor shoes that don’t leave marks.

The green level classes are meant for complete beginners! You can read more on the levels here!

The general descriptions of our levels are here! If you are not sure about the level of a specific class, you can contact the teacher or send us a message with our contact form, we are happy to help!

We don’t have showers at our studio.

All of our teaching is progressive and course-based. While we don’t give out general compensating classes, we can give out drop-in cards in cases of medical reasons. Please note that you still need to take into account the level of the class you will compensate with.

We aim to have a good balance at all of our courses by limiting the amount of leader/follower registrations. On singular classes the balance might live a little, of course.

Hei kaikki ihanat tanssijat!

Tämän hetken koronavirustilanteen kanssa olemme päättäneet pitää tanssijoiden (ja koko kansan) terveyden ykkösenä. Siitä syystä:

Perumme toistaiseksi kaikki tanssibileet koulullamme. Jatkamme taas tanssimista lämpimissä tunnelmissa, kun se on terveyden kannalta vastuullista!

Avec Dance Club tulee pitämään ovensa kiinni 13.4. asti. Lähetämme tästä tarkempaa sähköpostia kaikille kurssilaisille sunnuntaihin mennessä! Tämä on todella raskas päätös, mutta koemme että se on kaikille paras vaihtoehto. Kurssit jatkuvat pidemmälle kevääseen/alkukesään.

Osa tiiviskursseista siirretään jo nyt myöhemmälle keväälle, niistä lisää kussakin FB-tapahtumassa!

Arvioimme, että meillä menee sunnuntaihin/alkuviikkoon asti loppukauden uudelleenjärjestelyssä, kiitos kärsivällisyydestäsi! Lähetämme tarkempia lisätietoja sen jälkeen kaikille sähköpostitse.

Odotamme innolla, että pääsemme taas tanssimaan kanssanne!